Choosing A Morning Cartoon With Asher

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“Max & Ruby?”
“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?”
“Phineas and Ferb?”
“Okay. Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five?”
“Yes! That what I talkin’ ’bout.”


Age-Old Question

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Gabriel: “Where did you get those reindeer antlers?”

Me: “From Asher’s treat bag from school. They’re his but he didn’t want them. I’m going to wear them to your class Christmas party tomorrow.”

Gabriel: “You’re coming to our Christmas party???”

Me: “Of course! I’m the Room Mom for your class, I have to be there.”

Gabriel: “How are there going to be two of you?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Gabriel: “How are you going to be at Noah’s Christmas party and my Christmas party at the same time?”

Me: “I’m going to yours first, and then I’m going to leave halfway through and go to the last half of Noah’s.”

Gabriel: “Oh. Cool.”

Dude, mothers have been trying to figure out how to split themselves in two for centuries.

A Conversation with Keith

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Keith: “What year were we married?”

Me: (evil death stare)

Keith: “2003! 2003, right?”

Me: (begins to giggle uncontrollably)

Keith: “No, no, no…it was 2001, wasn’t it?”

Me: “Really honey? Really? 2001?”

Keith: “Ummm….1996! Yes! It was 1996!”

Me: (eyebrow-raise followed by more death stare)


Me: “What year is it?”

Keith: “2009.”

Me: “And what anniversary did we just celebrate?”

Keith: “Our tenth.”

*more silence*

Me: “So subtract ten years.”

*audible sounds of wheels turning*

Keith: “1999! It was 1999!”




Keith: “And we got married on…the second?”

The End

A Typical Conversation With Asher

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Asher: “I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat.”

Me: “Okay.” (fixes him something to eat)

(a couple of minutes later)

Asher: “I can’t pay Mario Kart Wii EFFER, Mama.”

Me: “You can’t? Why?”

Asher: “I can’t push A. I can’t go tha moworcycle, Mama. Is broken.”

Me: “Broken, huh?”

Asher: “Yeah.”

(a couple of minutes later…)

Asher: “I burp. I burp, Mama. I BURP! Okay, Mama?”

Me: “Okay. Excuse you.”

Asher: “Scoo me! …Where my sticker, Mama? Where my sticker? Where my sticker? Where my sticker? Where my sticker? Where my sticker?”


Asher: “Here is, Mama! Here is! I find it! See, Mama? See? Look me, Mama! LOOK ME!”

Me: “Okay! Yay! You found it!”

(a couple of minutes later…)

Asher: “Here you phone, Mama. Here, Mama. Here you phone. Okay, Mama?”

Me: “Thank you.”

Asher: “I hungy, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. Okay, Mama? Okay?”

Me: “You just had something to eat.”

Asher: “I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. I want somepin ta eat, Mama.”

Me: “Hang on a second, let me finish typing this blog po-”

Asher: “I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. I want somepin ta eat, Mama. I want somepin ta eat. I want somepin ta eat, Mama……”

Watching a commercial for Easter candy

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Gabriel: “What are those?”
Me: “Peeps.”
Gabriel: “What are peeps?”
Me: “Those.”

Just doing my motherly duty and making sure my kids hate me by the time they are teenagers.

Friday Haiku

•May 9, 2008 • Comments Off on Friday Haiku

My toddler he screams
People at the zoo all stare
Call CPS jerks

Poop poop diaper poop
Poop pee poop more poop pee poop
Yes this is my life

Preschool almost done
Boys will be home all summer
I’m in big trouble

Still nursing toddler
People turn up their noses
Get over yourselves

Mother’s Day coming
I dream of sleeping past six


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I just realized I never updated about my allergic reaction drama. After four straight days of hives and puking and religiously taking two Benadryl every four hours (since every 3 and a half hours the hives would wash over me like a wave again), I got tired of being a miserable itchy martyr and talked to my dad (a nurse) and then to a lactation consultant, and they both told me to take the dang Medrol dose pack. So I started it that Friday, by Saturday afternoon the hives started clearing up, and I had my last outbreak in the early early hours of Christmas morning. SO glad that is over, and I sincerely hope to never experience anything like it again.

So anyhow. My baby will be 1 year old on Monday. I am sad, happy, and proud. I adore my energetic, strong-willed, enthusiastic boy. He’s walking, saying a few words, and is absolutely hilarious to be around, whether he’s happy or not. He loves his big brothers with a passion, and they love him back. It melts my heart.

I’m tired these days. I’m taking care of another baby (D) because money is very tight and it’s the only way I can afford to keep the twins in preschool. I love this other baby boy, but it’s exhausting all the same. I have him for a lot of hours, longer than I’ve ever kept other kids, and it adds up on me (Mondays are REALLY interesting; I add yet another sweet baby girl to the mix for a few hours. I know, I’m nuts). I can never ever EVER go anywhere or do anything without children with me. Doctor? Kids with me. Grocery store? Screaming babies. Night out? Ash tags along. Playdates? Ash and D. Inevitably someone is crying, someone is tired, and I am stressed and trying to hold it all together. But I keep on keeping on, because I refuse to allow my life to go back to what is has been before, and I refuse to allow my exhaustion to keep me from experiencing life with my boys. Though usually as I frantically gather kids and babies and belongings and load everyone up and go, I wonder what the heck I am thinking. But I know why I do it. I want my children to have happy memories, and it’s my job to make those memories happen. I’ve wasted too much time as it is!

It’s just hard, because I feel constantly pulled in so many directions, but can never seem to make everyone happy – including myself. There are days when everyone needs a piece of me, and there simply aren’t enough pieces to go around. I’m always last on the list, but that’s what I signed up for. This is my job, and though it’s hard, I love it with a passion.

Nobody worry btw, I’m tired, but fine! Just thinking “out loud”. I’m very grateful for my beautiful family and wonderful life. More blogs (and/or rants) coming about my baby boy turning one, my parenting philosophies, and life in general.